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Our Story

Our story………...

KEDUCON began its journey in the year 2007 with a mission to reach out to the aspiring students located away from education hubs and to make high quality Science and Math learning accessible and affordable.

Our founders comprise of educators with more than two decades of coaching and guiding experience for medical/engg. entrance exams. The founders obsereved  thousands of such aspirants coming in to education hubs from small town/rural areas every year in search for high quality coaching/teaching. Most of them would return home without acheiving their targets, despite spending huge money on their education and stay in the big cities.

The underlying reason for not acheiving was that these students from small towns and rural areas had week conceptual base in Science and Math and thus could not cope with their peers in big towns.This further got them gravitate  towards various distractions, thereby ruining their careers. 

Above stated observations inspired our founders to find and implement technology enabled solution, bringing about a transformational change in education.

In the year 2012 KEDUCON got incorporated as a company and launced its innovative Blended learning interventions in association with K-12 schools. These Blended Learning modules are designed for the students reading in grades 6 through 10. In a fully interacive Virtual class sessions students are made to understand concepts in STEM subjects