K-educon's Virtual Platform Offers Following Courses

1. Rapid Revision Course: Crash Course

i) Duration : 30 Days ( Last week of March to Last week of April )

ii) Teaching Modules: Daily (1.5 hrs each subject). The Whole syllabus of each subject is divided into 23-25 modules covering all topics of +1 and +2 classes.

iii) Assignment Discussion and Doubt Removal : MCQ Assignments are discussed and doubt removals sessions are conducted on Saturdays

iv) Testing : Weekly Actual Pattern Tests are conducted on Sundays. These tests aim to help students for striking perfect balance between accuracy and speed during the actual entrance exams.

2. +1 Foundation in Sciences

Course Starts : Last Week of April

Duration Of Course : 9-10 Months

Selection process : On 10th class marks

3. +2 Boards cum Competition

We pay equal attention to boards with ultimate focus on IIT/AIEEE/AIIMS etc prepartion

Course Starts : 1st Week Of April

Course Completes : 31st January

Course Highlights : Thorough coverage of +2 Syllabus is undertaken from April to 31st October with equal emphasis on SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE SECTIONS.Thereafter from 1st November to 31st January we revise complete +1 syllabus on objective lines only.The +2 syllabus is also revised through Board focus tests.

4. Competition / Droppers Batch

Sharpen your edges with the most experienced faculty of Chandigarh

Course Starts : 1st November

Course Ends : 31st January

Course Highlights : The students are made to revise complete +1 syllabus on objective lines with focus on IIT-JEE/AIEEE/PMT and along with it +2 syllabus is also revised through Board focus SUBJECTIVE TESTS.

5. Conceptual Science and Maths for Classes 6th to 10th

Consolidate your concepts for laying solid foundation

Course Starts : 1st Week of April

Course Ends : 31st January

Course Highlights : Our eminent senior faculty shall pick up all the conceptual topics in science and maths and will involve activity based learning. Students will grasp all the concepts in an interesting manner through animations and activities.