Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an innovative academic intervention by Keducon E-Learning which specifically benefits Middle and Secondary class students reading in classes 6 through 10 ,for the promotion of  Conceptual Learning in the subjects of SCIENCE & MATH

Science and Math  Learning Phobia

It has been witnessed that students tend to develop phobia towards Science and Math during early years of schooling i.e.,between grades 6 to 10.This phobia magnifies further in the coming years and eventually students shy away from studying Science and Maths in their higher classes.There is a growing tendency among talented students to persue studies in areas other than mathematics and basic sciences.

From our years of teaching experience, we have noticed that students in their higher classes i.e., +1 and +2, feel great difficulty in solving numerical problems in Physics and Mathematics. This is well evident in all types of students irrespective of their geographical presence. Students from both urban and rural areas show substancial resistance towards these two subjects.

To realize our vision of India as a Knowledge Superpower, entails building a strong foundation in basic sciences by attracting a large number of talented students to this stream.


Out of many reasons that translates into such a grave situation, one that draws our main attention is emphasizing more on rote learning instead of explaining scientific and mathematical concepts in an interesting manner. In the early years most of these students if explained these concepts interestingly can elevate their interest in these subjects.

Another reason is the lack of talented teachers who have the capability to ignite scientific temperament among students. Shortage of quality Science and Math teachers is common to boths urban and rural areas. This condition is further going to worsen in the coming times as very less number of people are opting for higher studies in pure sciences(Msc/Ph.D).This phenomenon is all pervasive .Even US/Canada and most of the european nations are facing the same problem.

Govt. Of India's Policy
Govt. of India, through National Knowledge Commission (NKC) recommendations is putting special emphasis on Math and Science Learning.It aims to create the next generation of leaders and competent scientific talent and teachers.
The NKC submitted a set of recommendations on Attracting More Students To Science & Math to the Prime Minister on 2nd May,2008. Some excertpts are as follows:
• A systemic change in science pedagogy from primary and high school levels is required.
• A large chain of science talent cells should be created and each school should be funded to open a science club.
• Teaching should be made more inquiry based. It should raise curiosity, convey the excitement of science and enable understanding of nature through experiments and conceptual learning.

India’s growing backwardness in Science and Mathematics will eventually retard its ability to be globally competitive and affect its economic growth and social well-being.

Our Initiative
Keducon E-Learning, through its innovative and technology enhanced initiative strives to bring best Scientific and Mathematical minds closer to the students of remote areas.Keducon can play a pivotal role in attracting and nurturing young talent to Science and Math learning.

We shall bring high quality learning in Science and Math corroborated with interactive ACTIVITIES and ANIMATIONS.This effort shall bring in paradigm shift in the perception towards science & math learning.

Keducon E-Learning proposes to establish Centres For Excellence In Science & Math in association with the esteemed institutions of learning.We shall bring in state-of-the art fully Interactive Videoconferencing technology as a Virtual platform to connect talented teachers of Chandigarh with the remotely based students