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Welcome to Keducon   We at Keducon E-Learning strive to ignite Scientific temperament among the next generation. We offer to associate with schools   to consolidate concepts in Science and Maths through activity based learning techniques.  We facilitate engagement of authentic critical thinking in students and faculty . Our task at Keducon E-Learning is to “ignite the    unique spark of genius” within each student.   Read the Full Story
Blended Learning   Keducon E- Learning has taken up the cause of bringing high quality Science and Mathematics learning closer to the students residing away from  education hubs,with the intervention of latest technology.      Blended learning or hybrid learning is all about leveraging the Internet to afford students best of both worlds i.e., Physical and Virtual. In Keducon's  Station rotation model of Blended learning, students rotate between physical and virtual classrooms at fixed intervals within the same school  premises.    Read the Full Story

Keducon Achiever's Club